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Athletic Fluency is not
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"The idea of athletic fluency is what I base my training philosophy around for individual athletes and for teams. By this I am referring to an athlete’s ability to perform the sport’s specific movements and skills within their respective sport as easily and swiftly as possible. I approach training with speed, agility, power, strength and mobility/flexibility all playing a vital role in athletic performance."

Speed and Agility

"I believe that speed and agility are paramount to any athlete’s success individually and a team’s success. Speed is one of the greatest assets and one of the most undervalued aspects of athletic performance. If an athlete can single-handedly influence the outcome of a game based on their superior speed it is a great asset. It allows for a coach to use that athlete as a primary weapon or as a decoy to open up other aspects of his plan of attack. The best example I can use to illustrate this effect is in American Football. If an opposing team has a player with superior speed it forces the coach to plan action solely based on containing that speed which may take away from their original game plan. Having one person draw that much attention may help the team utilize other players and have success with them. In regards to agility, an athlete’s ability to change direction quickly and maintain a high rate of velocity in any direction presents a lot of dynamic options for a coach. Agility can be just as impactful on a sport as speed. One of the biggest mistakes athletes make while increasing speed is letting their agility and change of direction fall behind at the new speed."



"The way I implement power into my programming is two pronged. Speed development is the first phase. Within that first phase, acceleration specific work accounts for the power portion in the speed training. Olympic lifting basics are also introduced in the acceleration phase to further develop power and explosion. Along with the speed work and Olympic lifting, plyometrics and explosive medball work is also used to develop athletic power."


"The second prong of power is the strength implement. The ability to apply that speed and power into absolute and relative strength is a very crucial application for athletes. Optimal strength to me is the most important strength quality in all athletes. When an athlete can transfer the strength gained in the weight room and can effectively apply it to their particular sport, great things tend to happen. I further break down strength training into two phases. The first phase is accumulation where the main stressor is work volume and looking for a muscular adaptation. The following phase, intensification, is looking for a neuromuscular adaptation and the stressor is the intensity of the workouts. For different physical strength qualities I like to manipulate repetition tempo and the number of reps. I believe that the development of max strength is best accomplished by using 70-100% of 1 rep max."


Mobility and Flexibility

"The most important aspect of my training comes with mobility and flexibility training. Whether the mobility be built into the strength workout or just done as an entire workout on its own, the benefits of mobility are endless. Increasing ones flexibility and range of motion can not only help with huge gains in strength, power, and speed, but also help tremendously with injury prevention and recovery post workout. In my opinion, before any workout program begins, a flexibility/mobility program should be followed for increased flexibility and injury prevention with all athletes and teams."



~ Miguel Wason
Owner and Creator of Athletic Fluency

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